The Towers

“On tärkeätä osata käydä ilmiömäistä keskustelua käytännöistä. Toki pitää myös osata käydä käytännöllistä keskustelua ilmiöistä.”

Based on the observation of reality as it stands, any given modern Society, from East to West, North to South, is built upon a fundamental separation of two institutions of power:

The Bank and the State.

The State exists to provide official identity and protection for it. The Bank exists to provide equity and protection for it, operating on the basis of the primacy of the State, which provides the official identities that our holdings are attributed to.

Together these form the foundations that allow the Individual to exist in a state of everyday freedom, brought to them by the logically created capacity to capitalise on opportunities and own assets as Self. Until there is a capacity for the Individual to capitalise and own as Self, there is no everyday freedom. There is a polar difference between being handed a chocolate bar at a certain time in a certain place as compared to being able to choose one, as preferred, across type, time, and location.

Obviously the moral and rational responsibility of Leaders is to ensure that everyone has a chance: simultaneously it is important to understand that there will always be a spectrum of those with more and those with less. A healthy market means for healthier business. Ergo, what’s important is making sure that the spectrum doesn’t stretch out too wide: practically all revolutionary history shows us that that is when the fan starts to get hit.

I like to think that the fan is the symbolic transmitter of equity from top to bottom: if the fan is spinning at the right frequency (correct fidelity & speed), it won’t get hit as it becomes its own protection. Ultimately, it comes down to a matter of capability in responding to and acting upon Citizen and/or Customer feedback by Leadership.

ps. what I am not saying is that there are not any more Towers. What with the being of the Media, the Churches, the Academies et cetera

“Money creates money. When it comes to a broken economy: spend it to mend it. Make sure that the aggregate supply chain is clean: all growth becomes quantum net-positive, as in both moral and numeral. The political reality of the infinite seeking of this balance: define clean and remember to ask: do I control all of the equity? To which the answer is, obviously, no I do not. But so yea: the economy. It’s definitely goin’ on!”

© 2019 Jens J. Sørensen

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