Individualism is going on everywhere around the Planet at an increasing rate. It’s everywhere on the news, all the circles in-the-know are discussing it and their relation to it. I think it’s a good thing, individualism, since it is the outcome of what has become possible in modern life. We just need to learn to control it: balance it with the other side, the group. 

One good example of this everyday balance that I’ve loved using is from the film-version of the Swedish TV series Solsidan. I’ll admit to not having seen the series much at all but the movie is fantastic. There are social awkwardnesses and clashes and all manner of Swedish silly craziness: the thing that pulls it together is the Finest Lady who flashes both middle fingers and shouts out ”Fuck off!” as a lesson to us all in claiming our own space. 

I’ve really seen this attitude on the ground more and more (or has the movie caused me to realise it more?): Finns and other Northerners, Greta Thunberg United from Sweden and onwards, starting to push back and claim their right to their own future. The ”fuck off!” -mentality, through which I’m sure many rights will be gained, is clearly the voice of the Digital Kids Generation using what they have to claim what is theirs to be achieved.

So, to reiterate, I think individualism is a good thing. Individualism allows us to experience that part of life as who we are.

But it needs to be controlled: there is a lot of potential power in ”fuck off!” It is sometimes easy to forget the being of other people. In the Northern context (at least), I think right now what we should be thinking is how do we help balance and rebuild the stability in the Middle East. My current approach operatively is to think about whom amongst the current diaspora are fittest to lead the home transmission of learnings from their Northern stay. I do not mean this in any discriminatory way: quite the contrary.

Planning a resurgence of knowings in the source lands of mass migration is the mass healing of the land itself. I believe it should be taken as a granted token that all land should want to be in a good state. During my studies in Copenhagen, Denmark, at the Copenhagen Business School, I have, for example, studied the Indian diaspora and their return to India, people who have been leading entrepreneurial growth surges and bringing prosperity to their returned homes. I think there are learnings available from that and other similar trends going on in Asia from which Finland could learn, helping position it better regarding the Middle East, and the whole on-going situation on that front of straightening out societal imbalance.

© 2019 Jens J. Sørensen

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