Eat The Pie

For me, meaning is the first thing to not struggle with too much. A bit, but not too much. Because it will always reveal itself by itself, anyway, but also because the simple part of it is that it is. Even the lack of meaning has meaning: it allows for the valuation of the desire for meaning. You may consider this in line with the name of this post.

Everyone around the world is living and working exactly as they are so that the markets are adjusted exactly as they are so that the price of something you buy is exactly as it is. At the center point of fiscal gravity, the price is as it is presented in the moment. That is where it is found: the perfect number.

This is how I can best condense my relationship with the smartphone against those I consider addicted: I feel that my smartphone use helps me look out of it for the betterment of my understanding, not into it for the worsening of my health. Its inner realm is a navigational tool for the outer realms.

© 2019 Jens J. Sørensen

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