“Algorithms are just opinions expressed in numbers,” says mathematician Cathy O’Neil.

Derivatives traders are essentially People that say to their Customers: “if these numbers do that (derivative source pointed at) then your number does this (show impact to Customer).” Algorithms.

If I had to, I would describe consciousness or conscious reality as continuous multi-perception across time. I know there’s a philosophical discussion going on on the consciousness front: this is how I’d word it from a money-perspective, which I seek to embody. Sales is all about being superconscious about the impacts of your actions. Since there is always a multifaceted strategy of actions going on by all participants in a situation, that is why there must be multi-perception as considered from your own perspective as well: because it is the act of thinking about what others are thinking, so that you can act accordingly. It’s a bit like there must be an equal and opposite reaction to every action, I guess: there must be two sides to the story.

Perhaps the correct question is not “what is consciousness?” but “what are consciousnesses?” What I’m thinking is that relativity between them defines them.

“The pronouncement by Vice President Mike Pence of the intent of the United States of America to go to the Moon within five years is one of the best pieces of news in a long time. Such a religious man such as he is making such a gesture on behalf of the advancement of science: bravo! Seriously – BRAVO.

And it isn’t as if anything and everything space isn’t the highest-demand operative realm for those well-grounded in a religion. I literally find it impossible to think of anything else that requires the skilled power of faith as much as anything and everything space. Even love falls into second place on this front: I require less faith thinking about love than thinking about the vast expanse of space that we’ve barely begun to step into. Faith that it is a good thing: that it is there. Space, that is.

The continuation of the Space Race is an excellent thing (I want and hope Finland will join, because it has immense Physicist-capacity and People willing to work for a relatively small amount. Get a proper handle on materials pricing like Mr. Musk has done, and Finland is in the game). I just think that Finland should work together with everyone else on the weaponized parts of it, so that our Planet can jointly point all the Space Nukes and stuff at the potential Aliens (not back at ourselves on Earth).

Anyway, once more: bravo, Mike Pence. Bravo.

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