Value Creation

“Effort creates value, value gives emotion, emotion is power.”

Let’s begin by stating the obvious that, every now and then, the obvious needs to be stated. There are many reasons for the necessity of the statement of the obvious, primarily the refreshment that is wrought from feeling oneself to be of intelligence, with minimal effort.

The below statements of an obvious nature, apart from showing how time can be slowed down by delving into the details of a moment, also prove the tremendous impact that the nature of the obvious has on the experience of reality. The obvious herebeing that, ultimately you’re making the call.

Narrow value

Objective receipt.
A certainly objective receipt.

A Customer has actual cash, potential chocolate. A Purveyor has actual chocolate, potential cash. The Customer is in the market for chocolate. The Purveyor is in the market for cash. A shared flash of light. The Customer and the Purveyor conduct an exchange of ownership: cash for chocolate, chocolate for cash. The transfer instant creates its own proof in the form of a receipt, a contract proving the past – if it is trusted to have been had as documented. The Purveyor now has money. The Customer now has chocolate. Value is had in its most narrow of forms: ownership has been transferred. Primary market goals have been fulfilled.

Value expansion

An uncertain situation.
An uncertain situation.

The mouth expands. The Customer eats the chocolate. The Purveyor draws a breath of hope. Time moves on, as it does, as such is its way.

Broad value

A pleasant clearing.
A pleasant clearing.

A Customer’s smile. A Purveyor’s relief. Broadened may value be, thanks to the power of feedback, you see. Objectivity keeps the definition of value on the nigh, subjectivity brings the emotion: see it multiply. Ne’er forget that an instant is but one, but a smile is a sign, that more of them can be won. So be sure to ask for feedback – never fear to hear – for with the knowledge of the truth, you’ll be hittin’ more home runs, just like good ol’ Babe Ruth.

The Big Picture

OK. Strap-in, buckle up, shades on, aim high. From the minuscule transaction to the maxi-school transaction. Here’s some really useful, hyper-compressed world knowledge to set all y’alls straight:


Allow us to take it as granted that the general target of a human being is enjoyment of whatever is a human being’s thing defining enjoyment. The primary requirement for enjoyment is a state of living. Let us proceed step-by-step:

0.) We live off of the Earth. Work must be had to extract raw materials.

1.) Yoda has a message for all the No-Work Super-Hippies: happen it must. The vast majority of people strive to work, for work provides meaning to their enjoyments, for they balance the sense of enjoying it against the sense of having earned it. Basic parenting skills: Work hard, play hard. Homework first, games later. Et cetera, et cetera. Yoda out.

2.) Extraction must be enforced. There is no way to circumvent the enforcement of extraction, because those not working directly with the extraction are still dependent on the life forces, such as food, provided by the extraction. So the indirect-extractors need to motivate the direct-extractors. Taxation is the minimal-burden form of enforcement, and society should be had in the form of minimal-burdens, as then it is running efficiently, meaning it weighs less for all to carry. This story of enforcement can be told in many ways – this is just a really easy one – but it will always be told, for all work must be enforced, at minimum by the maximal weight of the matter of purpose.

3.) On matters of purpose, there is a purpose to the enforcement by way of taxation. Taxation fuels a massive shared service center (the public sector) that, ultimately, services the continuous creation of the future, by making investments that enable extraction to continue past the lifespan of currently-existent direct-extractors. Whilst the bodily energy of a direct-extractor is limited, the intergenerational transfer of extraction-intelligence can be facilitated at increased efficiency through a shared societal system as compared against, say, every family fending for the preservation of their own skills by themselves. Operational life-preserving attributes of the shared societal system, in particular that of the educational sector, enable future extraction.

4.) And so it is that the ultimate goal of enjoyment should be filled for the individual and exponentially scaled in magnitude through the tax-enabled dispersion of the energy, as derived from the extraction. For the feeling of enjoyment as deduced from the work of extraction should be felt as much greater when there has been service to others, alongside the obvious service to self.

I work to live

For it is with my work
That I stay alive
And it is through my work
That I come alive
For Now
For Good
For All
And obviously for myself
For it is my life
That I am living.

Look up!
Look up!

© 2018 Jens J. Sørensen